Caring Ministries

Pastor Mary Holtey is the Associate Pastor for Congregational Nurture. Her preferred, after-hours phone number is 701-219-9810. During the day, she may be reached at church at 701-293-6311.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important way we communicate with God, as well as a way we share our care for each other. There are prayer request cards in the pew racks and/or the Friendship books at the inside aisle of the pews. If you have a prayer request, you are invited to fill out the card, checking all ministries that apply; you may wish for your request to be lifted up in prayer during our Tuesday afternoon staff meetings; you may prefer to have just the pastors hold your request in prayer; you may wish to have your request put in the bulletin for the congregation to remember in prayer; you may wish for the prayer chain to be contacted.  We are looking to increase the number of “pray-ers” on the prayer chain and invite anyone who shares this desire to contact Pastor Mary. You will receive a phone call or an email as prayer requests are received.


Transportation Ministry

The Board of Deacons continues to provide van rides for 10:30 am worship on Sunday mornings. If you would like a ride to worship, call the church office during the week, or the Deacon on Duty on Sunday by an hour before the service at 701-293-6311. If you would like a ride, but are unable to ride the van, please contact Fraser Harrison at 701-293-6130 or during the week to make those arrangements.

CD Ministry

If you are unable to attend worship and would like to receive a weekly CD and bulletin of the service, contact Monica in the church office at 701-293-6311. A CD player can be supplied also by the deacons if that is needed. Podcasts of Sunday sermons may be heard directly from our website at

Deacons’ Emergency Relief Fund

The offerings collected on Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday, (unless otherwise indicated on your check), will be given to the Board of Deacons for their Emergency Relief Fund. These donations are used to help people in emergency situations, such as a flood or fire or other unexpected catastrophe. In addition to the two collections listed, you may contribute to this fund at any time during the year by contacting Pastor Mary Jo Holtey at


Hospital Visitation

If you or a family member is in the hospital and would like a personal visit, please contact Pastor Holtey and/or Faith Community Nurse Jean Pladson. With continually changing rules in regard to confidentiality, the church doesn’t automatically know who is in the hospital. We would like to be a presence in your life during these difficult and transitional times. When you are admitted to Sanford, Essentia, or the VA, if you would like a visit, tell them you are a member of First Presbyterian of Fargo. Help us stay in touch with you!



Health Ministries

The Health Ministry Cabinet focus is on the goals of Faith Community Nursing. These goals include: health education, personal health counseling, referral resources, working with volunteers and support groups, integration of faith and health, and health advocacy.

We are ever reminded of the need for healing of mind, body and spirit and we hope to continue the work of the Great Healer, Jesus. As we enter this year, we need to ask for participation and assistance in this work. If anyone has an idea or desires to help work on some of the programs below, please contact Gracia Fulwiler, coordinator, at or call her at the church office during her office hours; Wednesdays, 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Remember that “it takes a village” and in this case it takes a congregation to make these programs effective and rewarding.


Prayer Shawl Program

The prayer shawl ministry is here to help people that are grieving, feeling alone, under a lot of stress, and/or experiencing medical problems. There is a group of knitting ladies (we wouldn’t turn down any knitting men) that knit/crochet shawls, sweaters, caps and dish cloths for those who need a little support.


Bereavement Program

When someone dies, there is a lonesome hole left behind. The Health Ministry has a program to send the grieving person supportive material. It’s important that if anyone knows of someone that could use our gentle support that they help us connect with them.

Advance Care Planning

An advance directive, sometimes called a “Living Will” or “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care”, allows you to name someone (your agent) who will make decisions about your care should you become unable to do so. It pro-vides the opportunity to express your values, preferences, and goals for your care, giving your chosen agent and your family the gift of knowing your wishes. If you want assistance with reviewing and/or writing your advance directive, Faith Community Nurse, Jean Pladson, is a Certified Advance Care Planning facilitator. She can be reached at

Upcoming Health Ministry Programming:

Health Fair: TBA

Join us after worship in the Gathering Space from 11:30 am-1:00 pm and enjoy a variety of informational booths where you can learn about all aspects of our mind, body, and spirit. There will be food demonstrations and samples, information concerning exercise, heart health, diabetes, organic food sources and seminars on aging along with many community resources that you can utilize for assistance.

CPR Class: TBA

Enjoy a basic life support class that includes the use of the AED.

Community Outreach

The Health Ministry Cabinet also reaches out into the community by hosting a couple of nursing students each fall through the Concordia Nurse Student Mentoring Program. This gives them a taste of what a Health Ministry looks like and what role a Faith Community Nurse plays in the life of a congregation. Watch the HMC Bulletin board for opportunities to volunteer in the community. There are also brochures about educational workshops, including such topics as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Living Right brochures, etc.


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