Caring Ministries

Pastor Mary Holtey is eager to be a presence during times of joys and sorrows in your lives. Her preferred, after-hours phone number is 701-219-9810. During the day, she may be reached at church,, 701-293-6311. As well our deacons visit those unable to travel easily. If you would like to receive visits from a deacon, contact the Board’s moderator, Josh Trumbo,, 701-306-8525.


Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important way we communicate with God, as well as a way we share our care for each other. There are prayer request cards in the pew racks and/or the Friendship Books at the inside aisle of the pews. If you have a prayer request, you are invited to fill out the card, checking all ministries that apply. You may wish for your request to be lifted up in prayer during Tuesday afternoon staff meetings; you may prefer to have just the pastors hold your request in prayer; you may wish to have your request put in the bulletin for the congregation to remember in prayer; you may wish for your name to be added to the prayer chain. Contact Pastor Mary if you have a request for the prayer chain; contact deacons Dianne Connelly or Nancy Johnson if you’d like to become one of the pray-ers on the chain.

CD Ministry

If you are unable to attend worship and would like to receive a weekly CD and bulletin of the service, contact Monica in the church office at 701-293-6311. A CD player can be supplied by the deacons if needed.

Transportation Ministry

The Board of Deacons continues to provide van rides for 10:30 am worship on Sunday mornings. If you would like a ride to worship, call the church office during the week, or the Deacon on Duty on Sunday by 9:00 am at 701-293-6311.

Hospital Visitation

If you or a family member is in the hospital and would like a personal visit, please contact Pastor Holtey. With continually changing rules in regard to confidentiality, the church doesn’t automatically know who is in the hospital. We would like to be a presence in your life during these difficult and transitional times. Contact the church office if you are in the hospital and wish for a pastoral visit. When you are admitted to Sanford, Essentia, or the VA, tell them you are a member of First Presbyterian of Fargo. Help us stay in touch with you!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Shawls have been made for centuries. They are universal and embracing. They enfold, comfort, cover, wrap, give solace, warmth, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. They are symbolic of inclusive and unconditional loving. If this speaks to you, please consider joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry. The main purpose is to offer support to people in times of grieving, feeling alone, under a lot of stress and/or experiencing medical problems. If you are looking to join a unique and caring ministry, contact Gracia Fulwiler, RN, at 701-232-2041.

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