If your time is limited, but you’d still like to help out in some way, come be a part of the Office Support Squad! Volunteering in the office gives you an opportunity to engage more with both staff and the congregation of FPC.


Digital Announcements

Announcements on the TVs in the atrium and gathering space may include upcoming events or information that you would like to share with the congregation, as well as recaps of recent activities. Announcement slides should have a font size of 28 or larger, widescreen (16x9) format, and need to be read in 7-9 seconds. Slides and questions may be submitted to Formats accepted: Powerpoint, Word or an image file.

Desk Subs

Here in the office, we have volunteers who staff the desk on a daily basis over the noon hour. Volunteering at the front desk is stress free, with time to read a book, work on a crossword puzzle or catch up on your email! Duties include answering the phone, letting people into the building and the occasional office project. Dates and times to volunteer at the front desk vary from week to week. If you are interested in helping out, contact Monica Gelinske in the church office at 701-293-6311 or at

Offering Counter

We already have a faithful volunteer in place, but could use “back ups” in case our volunteer is unavailable. It would entail 30-60 minutes of your time (depending on volume). If you’re interested, please contact Jan Lundgren at or call the church office.

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