Being a part of a family implies spending time with that family. It is in worship that we connect with God and with one another. In other words, worshiping together is a step towards being a closer, welcoming family and developing a thriving community. Join us at 10:30 am for weekly Sunday worship.

Children in worshipHere at FPC, we believe that having small children and infants in worship is like having children at the dinner table. They are here because they are part of the family, not because their manners are perfect. They learn how to worship by doing, and you would be surprised at what children learn simply by osmosis. So please, welcome the wiggle! Activity bags for children are located at both entrances and if you feel a need to step out for a moment, try the Jennie Roberts room, or the nursery (0-3 years).

A great usher has an ability to greet others with a smile, hand them a bulletin and assist if needed in finding them a place to sit. Ushers also help in the collection of the offering each week. Ushers are needed on Sundays as well as other special worship services. If this interests you, or if you have questions, please contact Cynthia Baumgardner, head of the worship committee at cynthiab@cableone.net.

Scripture Readers
A love of words and reading aloud equips anyone to assist in the reading of God’s Word. Youth and adults are encouraged to participate. If you would like to volunteer as a scripture reader, please contact Jean Pladson at jeanpladson@gmail.com.

Sound Technicians
People with a love of electronics and technology can contribute to worship by operating the sound system for occasional worship services, as part of a rotating team. If you would like to volunteer as a sound technician, please contact Joe Cusher at jcusher@ideaone.net.

Communion Servers
Anyone who has ever been ordained as an elder or deacon in ANY Presbyterian church, or has been approved by Session, is welcome to help serve Holy Communion, which is served monthly as well as at a few special services each year. Servers help with the set up ahead of time, and/or the distribution of the elements during worship. This is coordinated through the worship committee. Servers can volunteer to help on particular months as it fits their schedules, or be added to the list to be called on as needed. For questions or to volunteer, please contact Cynthia Baumgardner at cynthiab@cableone.net.

Home Communion
Officers of the church, and others approved and trained by Session, are able to bring communion to members who are not able to attend morning worship. The bread and juice are taken from the table and brought to them in their homes. We provide communion in this manner on World Communion Sunday and near Christmas and Easter. If you would like to help serve in this way, or if you would like to receive communion, please contact Pastor Mary at the church.

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