Praying with Children

Experimenting with many prayer practices provides an open door for talking to and listening for God.
All members of your family can form a beautiful ritual of praying together as one.
It's OK to bow your head, fold your hands and close your eyes. But here are some ways to try something new.

Building Block Gratitude Prayers

Have each person name one thing s/he is grateful for and add a block to your creation/tower. The structure will grow with each new prayer. Amen!

Rocking Chair Prayer

Sit with the baby on your lap and use one word or simple prayers to the rhythm of the rocking chair. Rocking prayers can also be sung.

Walking Nature Prayer

As you walk, notice items that God has created. "Thank you God for trees." "Thank you God for water." Be sure to pause in silence to feel God's pleasure.

Photo Prayer

Hold photos of loved ones and pray slowly, "God bless Mommy. God bless Oliver. God bless uncle Charlie."

Prayer Wall

Make a sacred place in your home for prayers. You can tie ribbons, hang tags, fill something with rolled slips or simply use post-its on a board. There are lots of ideas on the internet!

Prayer Beads

String together beads of various colors and sizes and attach a special meaning to each one. Lead through the prayer using the beads/meanings.

Prayer Rocks

Paint rocks with words or pictures. Exchange your rocks with others or leave in a special place as a gift to whoever may find it.

Bubble Prayer

Bubbles have a way of reminding us of the Spirit's presence. After each prayer requesting or thanking, blow bubbles and silently watch them float.

Newspaper Prayer

Use newspapers, magazines or other news media to look for prayer concerns. Find specific areas on a large world map and place prayers with a slip of paper and push pin.

Prayer Art

Sometimes we don't have the words. But God can make sense of our feelings however we express them, including pictures. Let children draw prayers, whether words present a challenge or art simply gives them more joy.

Paper Chain Prayer

Keep strips of paper in a specified location and container. Use one strip for every prayer by members of the family. Ask visiting friends and relatives if they'd like to add to the chain.

Water Prayer

Use a pitcher of water and an empty bowl. With each person's prayer, pour a small amount of water into the bowl. Take the water outside and pour it on a special plant or tree to nourish as God nurtures us.