Dear First Presbyterian Church Family,
“Together.” We thought we knew what that word meant, didn’t we?
We never wondered how the definition might be stretched, how important togetherness might become, or how much of our imaginations it would take to make it happen.
Over the past two years, things have certainly changed and challenged us. When COVID-19 unleashed a flood of confusion, fear and discord, we suddenly became desperate for some kind of joy; precisely when it became impossible to get together for joy in most of the ways we knew (choir rehearsals, Sunday morning worship, bible studies, coffee shops, and dinner parties). Then, our beloved pastor Paul announced that he would be leaving us so he could help take care of his family. We were tossed about again without a chance to properly say, "good-bye" and "thank you for your ministry among us". We stretched more than we thought we could. We groaned and reached and complained and expanded and wept. We thank God that during that time, we had Pastor Mary and our incredible staff to see us through.
Now that we've moved into a new phase of the pandemic we are once again gathering together and it feels like a fog is slowly lifting. Our programs are resuming in full force this fall. Our staff is energized and itching to try new things and reach new people. Pastor Mary had an opportunity to rest and is back in her role as pastoral care leader within our community. And, I'm here too! Excited to be in Fargo. Excited for the opportunity to do ministry with First Presbyterian Church. Excited to preach and teach and reach!
For all of these reasons and more, our Stewardship theme this year is Together in Joy! Throughout the month of October, we will talk about the joy of being the church and serving God's purpose. The enclosed packet contains our 2023 vision and budget. We have great plans for our future. We need your support more than ever. Please join me, Tom, Robby, and Katie, in prayerfully discerning our giving for 2023. Together, we can make great things happen.
Yours In Christ,