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(Lead Me) Irresistibly
by Paul Lang on March 27th, 2020
(Lead me) irresistiblyTo ask that the Lord’s leading be irresistible is not to engage in the well-worn theological debates between Augustine and Pelagius, or Calvin and Arminius.  I leave such debates to theologians who punch above my weight-class.  Rather it is to ask that God lead us in paths so obviously virtuous that we are drawn naturally to the light and life offered.  The Gospel according t...  Read More
Lead Me Pervasively
by Paul Lang on March 26th, 2020
(Lead me) Pervasively,To ask that the Lord’s leading be pervasive is to ask that God be present in every aspect of our life.  Our work, our play, our home life, our worship, our civic responsibilities, and in our speech, both private and public.  It is asking that God permeate our very thoughts so that we more and more conform our minds to the mind of Christ.  This petition is echoed in the appeal...  Read More
Lead Me Gently
by Paul Lang on March 24th, 2020
(Lead me) gentlyIn a world where anger is all the rage, gentleness is much maligned.  Ours is a world where might, and power, and privilege, and affluence are pursued.  So pervasive is the culture of self-assertion, self-promotion, and self-justification that we are tempted to believe that these attitudes are the way things are intended to be in the human heart and that our faith and our commitmen...  Read More
Lead Me Lord
by Paul Lang on March 23rd, 2020
Lead me, Lord, This opening petition is at the heart of a Pilgrim’s Prayer.  Christians yearn to have their lives be directed by the leading of God.  We join our voices with the cries of the Psalmists who persistently lift up this supplication before God — lead me!  [You find this phrase only in (but throughout) the Book of Psalms: Psalms 5:8;  25:5;  27:11;  31:3; 43:3;  61:2; 119:35;  139:10;  1...  Read More
A Pilgrim's Prayer
by Paul Lang on March 22nd, 2020
A Pilgrim’s PrayerToday I will begin re-posting some Lenten devotions written last year which connect to A Pilgrim's Prayer.   I wrote these as a way of developing my thoughts on the prayer which holds a significant place in The Pilgrimage ministry.  Given the nature of Lent as a journey to Jerusalem these devotions see, to fit the season well.The season of Lent which begins that longer arc, can b...  Read More